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About Me!

Hi there! Welcome fellow deviant! My name is "Kitax" or you can call me "Roxas" if you'd like. I am currently a freelance artist in the lovely medias of traditional and newly digital art. I have an Associates Degree in Art and currently aiming for my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Art, as well as Minoring in Teaching (on a College Professor level). I enjoy working in the Arts either professionally or in my spare time. I also have other hobbies which consist of: cosplaying and sewing. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to contact me either on here, my tumblr, or Skype. Thank you! -Kitax


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Signal Boost...Go!

Sat Jul 26, 2014, 1:25 PM

Commission Signal Boosting!


Taking a Moment -Commissions-Sunday


            Hey guys! I'm going to take maybe a few days for a small vacation. I really am tired of being online. I'm tired of the same old things. I really would appreciate help with sharing my commissions..but I don't want this to be a bother to anyone. I really want to do art. That's why I'm here and that's my profession. If my prices are too high, then look closely. I tried to take in consideration of what people would pay for my art. It's not too cheap and not too expensive. These should be afforadable and not cheap. I don't want to do art under minimum wage. That's crazy. Do you guys realize how much time people take into doing art? The sketching, cleaning, details, and the material costs. That's what I take into account with my commissions. I'm actually not a fan of the point system other than for helping groups out. I've seen a few of my friends getting asked constantly for points


Commissions!Update!: So good news. I have an onboarding day at Gin's job next week and should hopefully start not long after and looks like we'll have enough for rent/bills. But still keeping these open as we're still really tight on money and we're cutting it really close still!
Gin is also offering commissions!:
This week I found out my unemployment ended due to the government still not submitting an unemployment extension program, didn't think to look into it as they had it before they would automatically renew it the first time you need an extension. The only reason I looked now is I get paranoid and worried when it gets down to the wire. Found out a few days ago that it looks like Gin's job is going to hire me again for the August rush but not for a few weeks. And right now I'm doing contract work for my last boss while still looking for a full time job, and I think he's running out of stuff to do. But withou


Headshot Commissions: OPENMoney is incredibly tight at the moment and everything being saved is going to paying this month's rent. All other bills must wait. The only thing we are actually spending money on is gas to get me to work, and even that I am trying to use as little money as possible on. Anything and everything helps!
Watercolor-Skys is also taking commissions for rent!

If you're interested, just send me an email at (or note me on dA)!
In the email/note, please include the following information!
Name: (Username or real name)
Contact: (How I am able to contact you, in case you have a different e-mail or you check something else more frequently.)
Which Commission?: #1 or #2
What you'd like Drawn: (As many references as possible would be wonderful! Or a description of what you'd like drawn. Throw your ideas at me!)
Payment Method: (Paypal, preferred! But for snail-mail, we can work something out.)


Emergency Commissions (Please Help!)Hey guys I'm sorry to write so many journals, but my sister roxas-kitax and I are in a bind financially due to not getting a job due to being enlisted as a college student. Even if you can't afford a commission, please let others know that can. We will work with you to get that awesome artwork or costume piece that you are looking for. Any help would be much appreciated! ;^;
What I Offer:
:bulletgreen: Fleece Hats
:bulletgreen: Faux Fur Items (Tails, Ears, Paws, Feet, arm sleeves, leg warmers, cuffs, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Badges, bookmarks, busts, portraits, full body artwork
:bulletgreen: T-shirt and Logo Designs
:bulletgreen: Costume props ( small weapons, small armor, plushie accessories, etc.)
What I will Accept:
:bulletblue: Animals
:bulletblue: Humans
:bulletblue: Hybrids (Fauns, Anthro/Furry, mythical creatures, etc.)
:bulletblue: Mecha
:bulletblue: Landscape Backgrounds (buildings, settings, etc.)
[Bullet; Blue] Pretty much anything that is YO


Yep thats right, im offering commissions! Here you'll find a detailed list of what it is that I offer, I hope that you find something that you like. I am no longer working so my only source of income are commissions, which the money goes towards my funds for costumes/conventions, food, but most importantly, my dog Lance who needs grooming and medicine for his seizures. If you have any questions feel free to ask! But before we get to that, lets get down to some rules ok?
*I do

Jayolin/ jayomayo

[OPEN] Pixel icon CommissionsHey guys~! 
Update 07/21: Opening for a little while :) 
Animated Pixel Icons
Style A: blinking animation
Price: 500:points: ($5 USD)

Style B: custom/multiple animation
Price: 700:points: ($7 USD)
note: will take longer time to finish!

>>more examples here<<
:bulletred: Sorry, I'm only doing human/kemonomimi so no anthro/furry
:bulletred: Please credit me somewhere
:bulletred: If using paypal, I will note you payment details
:bulletred: If using points, please pay me through the 'give' button
:bulletred: Because I'll have a long list, I'll request for payment once i start working on yours! 
:bulletred: Please be patient!
How to Order:
Please send me a note/comment with this for


Commissions are open! ALSO UPDATED PRICES.Slots:
Well, they've always been open but I need to advertise more X'D
Also, I've decided that from now on I'll be charging $15 an hour, rather than flat-rate prices for different types of art. Being a perfectionist, that makes a win-win situation for me and the commissioner because I used to seriously undercharge for all the time I insisted on adding finishing details. Quid pro quo? QUID PRO QUO.
Sorry, no livestreaming because that makes me nervous and I actually work slower. |D
Here are some examples to give you an idea of how much work so-many-hours is:
1-2 hours(Enough time for 1 character, 1 character + simple shading, or a scenery background with a REALLY sketchy character at most):

2-3 hours(More scenery background gets done in an hour than characters because I don't have to worry about anatomy):

4-6 hours(Enough time for 1 detailed-shading character, character(s) in a se

Please! If you can't afford a commission, please SHARE/REPOST all across the web!!!!  They all need your help! Signal Boot Peeps~ -Kitax

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